Dr. Jen Welter — Trailblazing NFL Coach, World Champion Football Player, and U.S. State Department Sports Envoy on "Shattering the Glass Sideline"

Welcome to the premiere episode of Sideline Sessions on the Be Podcast Network. 

My first guest, Dr. Jenifer Welter, is a trailblazing athlete and coach who is extremely on-brand to kick off our show. 

In 2015, Welter became the first female coach in NFL history when she coached linebackers for the Arizona Cardinals. She was also the first woman to play a contact position in men’s professional football when she signed as a running back with the Texas Revolution, a professional indoor football team.

Jen also had a distinguished career in women’s professional football, as a 2x World Champion with the US and 8x pro bowler. She’s a culture shift expert with an MS in sport psychology and PhD in psychology. And, as you may expect, she was an amazing guest on the show. 

Some of our conversation covers:
  • Jen’s journey to playing and coaching football
  • How she prepared herself for the opportunity to coach — before even knowing it was possible
  • Shattering the “glass sideline” (in both the NFL and Madden 2020)
  • The power of authentic leadership
  • Keeping players physically and mentally healthy
  • The state of women’s football and Grrridiron Girls flag football 
  • What difference can coaches make in changing opportunities for their athletes and future coaches?
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About today’s guest
Coach Jen Welter is best known as the first female to coach in the NFL as an assistant LBs Coach with the Arizona Cardinals. However, what most people don’t know is that Coach Jen broke into men’s football as the first female to play running back in men’s pro football. From that experience with the Texas Revolution, Coach Jen started her coaching career.

Following the NFL, Welter became the Head Coach of the first Australian Women's National Team fielded in July 2017; joined the advisory board of the Pro Football Hall of Fame's Game for Life Academy, and wrote her first book Play Big: Lessons in Living Limitless from the First Woman to Coach in the NFL. 

Prior to joining the men's game, Coach Jen had an amazing career in women's football which included two gold medals with Team USA, four world championships, and eight all-star selections. While playing football, Dr. Jen obtained her PhD in Psychology and a Master’s in Sport Psychology. Dr. Jen also has a BS in Business from Boston College. 

About the host
Ross Romano is co-founder of the Be Podcast Network and also hosts The Authority Podcast. He began his career in the pro sports industry before becoming a leading communications, marketing, and management expert working with education companies. He is founder and CEO of September Strategies, a coaching and consulting firm that helps organizations and high-performing leaders in the K-12 education industry communicate their vision and make strategic decisions that lead to long-term success. He also works directly with professionals at all levels, in all industries, coaching them in their pursuit of success.

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Ross Romano
Ross Romano
CEO, September Strategies. Co-founder, @BePodcastNet. #EquityAwards Program Chair. Advisor, comms & storytelling strategist for #k12, #nonprofit, #edtech orgs.
Dr. Jen Welter
Dr. Jen Welter
Best known as the first female to coach in the NFL. Trailblazing football player and coach.
Dr. Jen Welter — Trailblazing NFL Coach, World Champion Football Player, and U.S. State Department Sports Envoy on "Shattering the Glass Sideline"